South Pennine Boat Club

What's On

Work Weekend

Starts: 10am

A work party usually takes place on the first full weekend of the month. Occasionally these are moved e.g for New Year, Easter, the Rally. Dates are published in the Handspike magazine.

Please come along and lend a hand as we can only keep fees low by everyone participating and helping out with chores. A jobs list is sent by email to all SPBC recipients a few days before the event.

Work usually starts about 10am. Tea and coffee is provided FOC and on Saturday, a lunch is often provided at a nominal charge.

There is nearly always a social get-together on the Saturday evening of the work party. This may be an organised event or a Free'n'Easy night where folk just gather for a drink and a natter.

We hope you can join us at the next work party weekend.

Committee Meeting

Starts: 2pm

Please contact if you have any issues to bring to the attention of the committee.


Committee meetings are held in the clubhouse on the Sunday of the work party at 2pm*. Observers are welcome. An agenda for the meeting and the unratified minutes from the previous meeting are available on the noticeboard - or ask the Secretary.


Mikron Theatre at SPBC

Saturday 1 October 2022

Mikron Theatre will once again be performing at SPBC in this their 50th anniversary year.

Save the date - details to follow.

Fireworks Night

Saturday 5 November 2022

This year November work party Saturday falls on bonfire night.

SPBC will be having their usual spectacular pyrotechnic display with pie and pea supper so save the date. Details will follow later.

SPBC Pool and Darts championships

Saturday 3 December 2022

Hopefully, by December, all the earlier round matches will have been played. The semi-finals and finals of both the pool and the darts championship are scheduled for the evening of the December work party weekend.

If you're still in the tournament, please contact your opponent to play your game - or leave your phone number on the play-list so they can contact you. Both lists are in the clubhouse.

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