South Pennine Boat Club

Flood repairs and resilience works

Following the floods in February 2020, the clubhouse flooring was stripped out. We are now certifies as 'dry' and with Covid restrictions being lifted, work is commencing on the repairs and on resilience works to make the building more waterproof.

Inside the clubhouse, the floor area is to be waterproofed prior to flooring going back down. A vinyl-type flooring is being proposed, which will lap up the walls a few inches.

The outer walls are to be made more resilient to the flood waters with waterproof pointing and a waterproof membrane coating on the lower section of the walls. The coating is grey in colour so not the most asthaetic solution, but with all things considered the sub-group researching these matters and the committee have voted for this option as it should give us the best protection. It is hoped to distract from the visual appearance with planters and benches.

In addition, the barriers are being improved and the drains are being fitted with valves to prevent in-flow of water. Mooring poles have been extended and rings are to be secured. Measures are being considered to prevent boats getting caught up when flood waters recede and also to protect equipment in the dry dock when waters rise.

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