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Carbon Monoxide Alarms compulsory for BSS from Monday April 1st

other makes are available

other makes are available

It's no April Fool Carbon Monoxide Alarms are compulsory on boats from April 1st.

See BSS website 

At least one carbon monoxide (CO) alarm becomes a requirement on nearly all private and non-private boats in scope of the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) Requirements.

BSS Certifications will not be issued to boats without alarms.

There are four new BSS Check items in the BSS examination:

  • A check to ensure everyone on board can hear the alarm if it activates
  • An advice check for private boats, promoting a CO alarm in the same space as a solid fuel stove
  • A check that the CO alarm(s) are placed in open view, are of a certified quality and have a test function button This check provides an assurance about the quality of alarm manufacture and performance 
  • A check that the CO alarm(s) are in good and working condition, showing no signs of damage, being within any visible expiry dates and passing the function test using the test button This check ensures the alarm will work effectively if called upon

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