South Pennine Boat Club

Covid update June 2020

Goverment restrictions are slowly being relaxed as you will have heard in the news. The approach remains cautious though, as does that of the committee. The clubhouse remains locked and the facilities are not available to members (except those authorised to enter for carrying out flood repairs). Please use your boat facilities if visiting the site. If you don't have a boat then please bear these restrictions in mind.

The Dry-Dock is now open as we are allowed to move our boats, but overnight stays are still not allowed according to Goverment restrictions. If you do not feel safe to take up your booking, please contact the Dry Dock Deputy Officer directly or via the website.

The site remains open, but members are asked to observe social distancing at all times. members are responsible for their own safety and should consider the saftety of other.  Please assume that all surfaces (inc gate and padlock) are contaminated. Wear protective gloves and/or bring sanitizing wipes etc as required. 


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