South Pennine Boat Club


Our clubhouse which suffered from the ingress of contaminated river water, has been stripped of all flooring, the skirting boards removed plus a small section of internal wall. De-humidifiers and heaters are in place and functioning, these being provided and set up by the contractor who was arranged by our insurers. It is anticipated that the drying process will be for a period in the region of 3 weeks.

We have team of "boffin" members who are busy designing and in due course, fitting a flood defence system which should go toward protecting the clubhouse from future flood damage.

One of the major considerations by the on site team of volunteers during the Boxing Day event was with regard to the protection of the moored boats. The usual stalwart members have been busy preparing and fitting "rise & fall" poles plus safety poles for each and every boat. These are now in place and in theory should remove the danger of boats being hung up on the walkways. If you have not visited the club recently and encounter these poles at your boat, do not be alarmed, they did not appear by magic. Your fellow members have put in time and effort to protect YOUR boat!

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