South Pennine Boat Club

SPBC Sanitation Facility

The New SPBC Sanitation System was  officially opened on Saturday, December 5th.

Be the first!

Diane Sykes is running a sweepstake for the member who wishes to be the first official user of the sanitation system. The winner gets to dump their doo-doo at the official opening ceremony at the December work day. With a photo in Handspike, history will record the winner as the first to use our system! Tickets only 50p from Diane Sykes - money to a good cause.


The system uses a septic tank to breakdown the waste into a harmless liquid. The process relies on naturally occurring bacteria which will be harmed by the toxic chemicals found in toilet fluid containing formaldehyde; like Elsan (and other brands) 'Blue'.

Safe Alternatives to 'Blue'

There are several septic tank safe alternatives to formaldehyde based treatments. Easiest & cheapest are Brewers yeast tablets, available from supermarkets, chemists etc. Elsan & Thetford produce 'Green' alternatives to 'blue'. Silky Marine, based at Slaithewaite, produce an natural enzyme based product called Silky RX.


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