South Pennine Boat Club

Not Receiving Club Email?

Several members have reported that they are not receiving email newsletters and circulars.

All of those members are using large Email Service Providers (ESPs) like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Virgin etc.

Those large ESPs have very stringent  rules for receiving bulk mail to try to avoid the vast amount of spam that is currently circulating the Internet. Regrettably, this rules often penalise valid bulk email like Club newsletters.

The Webmaster is currently looking into the problem and is making changes to the Club system to try to meet the posting criteria for these ESPs.

In the meanwhile, ESP users should check their spam or junk folders for Club emails. If you find mail there, you can mark it as "Not Spam" usually by right-clicking on the mail link.

It would also be a big help to get some wider feedback. So if you are a Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Virgin  or other large ESP user please contact the webmaster and let him  know if you are receiving Club mail or not and if it arrives in your inbox, junk or spam folder.

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